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Automation and Control belongs to the new breed of high technology companies with focus on the cutting edge information technologies, Engineering, Communication, Net Working, Computer Hard ware & Soft Ware development and providing services in various sectors. Each department is consist of team of highly qualified professionals and experienced technical staff leading to effective information management for the organisations. It is one of the handful companies in Pakistan capable of providing complete information management solutions to the private and public sector

To achieve this standard of expertise, in solutions ranging from the distribution of information on a local area network to configuring and dissipating information on an international wide area network, Automation and Control has put together a diversified group of professionals under one roof. These dedicated professionals are equipped with the training and resources to fully satisfy the demanding needs of customers.

We are a progressive technology-based solution-provisioning, project-management and procurement-management company. We are an established provider of electronics design, development and other engineering services to various government / private entities, avionics / aerospace community, industry and academic institutions.

Our reputation is established for our technical excellence in the regional industrial community, the supporting agencies, local academia and the wider electronics development / design groups. Our technical excellence and strong presence in the R&D sector has given us an edge over the other in the arena of procurement management.